Marco Usellini

Head Technician

Born in the town of Bergamo, Marco, our Head Technician, is undeniably Italian. A childhood filled with delicious dishes, centaurus-old culture, soccer, basketball, music and helping his dad in the workshop led naturally to a career in the technician field, which Marco took to like a fish to water.

As soon as he was old enough, our young technician found himself enrolled in one of Italy’s Instituto Tecnico High Schools, where he learned everything from mechatronics to robotics, plus a little programming on the side. Then. at the age of 21, Marco was invited to work with a packaging subcontractor, who bottled products for the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Offered a great salary and travel around the world, the freshly graduated technician took up the opportunity, then set about keeping their machines running all day, every day 

A few years later, another irresistible opportunity changed the course of his life. Cms, one of our biggest machinery suppliers, was looking for technicians to care for their machines. As it turned out, Marco was an ideal candidate. Quickly welcomed into the Cms family, he stayed there for almost 6 years – until we snapped him up.

“I got a call from Pierre asking me to come to Australia and work with him. I checked with my family, and it was an easy decision to make – nice weather, nice people, it was an easy move.”

He’s been with us since 2018, bridging the gap between Italy and Australia, Innovync and Cms. Having started off handling installations, machine care, client training, and troubleshooting, there is little in the way of technicalities that this pro doesn’t know – or can’t quickly find out. 

“I’m involved with the technical things – I’m a technical reference point for everyone. If Pierre is not available, they ask me. I’m also keeping contact with Italy for most of the technical issues with the customer.”

After years of hands-on experience, our Expert Technician naturally progressed into a new role – that of Head Technician. While he’s still crossing the country to train operators and work on machines, Marco’s deep-rooted knowledge is now more sought-after than ever. These days, he’s dishing it out from our Sydney HQ, where big things are happening.

“I’m sort of a reference for all the new guys. If there is an issue, they can call me and we sort out the issue. Plus, I’m working and testing on the machines for customer demonstrations. Generally, I say that I’m more involved with the full training side, with customers and colleagues, as well as with customer support and technical support for the sales guys.  Basically, I’ve moved more to the office side, in order to deal with customers, to do online support with customers, and I’m also training all the new guys that are joining us.”

Working under Pierre since 2018 has taught him a thing or two about the workings of an efficient business. The principles are the same whether Signore Usellini is in the office or on site with a customer – and it’s all about the mindset.

“I always try to have everything ready. I’m thinking business-wide.”   

This mentality, coupled with technical skills, a great sense of humor and passion for quality service makes Marco a key player on our team. If you have any questions for him, ask away – he’s always happy to help!

“If I’m on site and can help a customer, I chat with them and help them to solve a problem. I always give a humble opinion on how things can improve. If customers have a question, I always try to help them on site or from the office, or send feedback to Pierre.”