About Us

Machine Solutions | Service Excellence

When it comes to delivering premium CNC machines paired with premium quality service, INNOVYNC stands unrivalled.

At its core, our philosophy transcends the physical, encompasses the technological, and rises to a new level of innovation. Through our unique blend of technical know-how, creativity and ethical business practice, we’re placed squarely in the position of nation-wide industry leaders – and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Forged in the turbulence of 2020 by former electrical engineer Pierre Sullivan, our fully-fledged advanced manufacturing supply service is here to bring you the very best technology and care that you could wish for.

Stemming from the former Unimac Machinery, INNOVYNC’s speciality is after-sale service. Maintaining machines within the stone, glass, and advanced materials spaces across Australia and New Zealand, the honesty, respect, and service excellence extended to our customers has developed longstanding, solid relationships with people long after the initial sale.

From the get-go, we endeavour to bring you value. We know the full capabilities of each cutting-edge machine under our roof, and do the work to ensure that you find a perfect fit. The top-notch CNC machines we source, come from the world’s best European manufacturers, so you can be rest assured that they’ll perform to perfection. It’s in every atom of an ultra-sophisticated state-of-the-art tool, after all.

You can expect expert installation, maintenance, repairs, and fast spare parts replacements with us long after you’ve sealed the deal. We’re well acquainted with what it takes to run a high-tech machine efficiently and make every effort to apply ourselves to each client in our care.

Our ultimate aim is to bring our signature service quality to industrial automation throughout our part of the world and see production flourish.

We welcome you to follow our journey along the way and be involved in a new era of machine excellence unfolding before your eyes…

Meet the Team

Pierre Sullivan
Managing Director

Pierre Sullivan is the Managing Director of Innovync. Pierre founded Sullectric in 2011, which based its business model on providing unrivalled service to the CNC machining and panel sizing sector.

Building a strong client base with dedication and reliability, Pierre has a vast knowledge of CNC machinery and has been involved in the Wood and Stone manufacturing sectors since arriving in Australia in 2005. Pierre and his team of Technicians have been factory-trained to allow for a high level of knowledge and expertise suited for the Australian market.


Expert Technician

Born in the town of Bergamo, Marco, our resident expert technician, is undeniably Italian. Aside from being surrounded by delicious delicacies and centuries-old culture, his childhood was filled with soccer, basketball, music and helping his dad in the workshop – which somehow shaped a natural knack for mechanics and working with his hands. As soon as he was old enough, our young technician found himself enrolled in one of Italy’s Instituto Tecnico High Schools – where he learned everything from mechatronics to robotics, and a little programming on the side (complemented by a love of video games). 


Stone | Glass machinery and tooling specialist

Dominik’s budding talent was a perfect fit for us. Like all Innovync employees, the right attitude and mindset were major factors for the hire, which happened at just the right time.

“When I got approached it was a really good timing. I really liked how Pierre presented his attitude and his company, in terms of the level of customer service, and the honest selling; the honesty around the technology and selling what’s right for the customer really resonated with me. I really connected with that and liked what Pierre was saying. When it got to a point where Pierre offered me the role, I thought Innovync was a good way to further my interest in CNC machines, with a young and dynamic company. Basically, a refreshing start, where I’m being part of something different.That service vision that Pierre has isn’t all that common in the industry.”

Diana Avila Bio 

Financial Engineer

Growing up in a small touristic town in Colombia, Diana Avila was acutely aware of the importance of business financials. Developing a fascination for numbers, she enrolled in a very unique degree – Financial Engineering. Learning to create complex models and analyses for boosting business growth, she cultivated a very useful skill – the art of structuring and projecting finances to reach big goals.

Anthony Cruz Bio

Advanced Materials & Plastics Specialist

Despite early challenges, he became an electrical engineer, excelling in technical roles. His transition to sales came with a commitment to authentic customer relationships. Now, he’s a go-to expert for composites and high-performance materials, embodying adaptability and seizing opportunities.

Learn more about his remarkable journey in the link below.