Australian-Made Caravans: An Opportunity You Can’t Afford To Miss 

While on a recent business trip to Melbourne, our team hit upon a manufacturing gold mine. Driving through the suburb of Campbellfield, they counted over 100 caravan producers, who were all flat out creating RVs and campervans to meet demand. 

After speaking with a few factories, Ryan and Pierre learned that, despite production going at full speed, it took over a year to complete one RV. That’s a long time to wait for a campervan. And the waiting list is growing rapidly.

Are you willing to unlock a manufacturing bottleneck and offer Aussies the means to go on nature-loving adventures?

An impressive list of caravan manufacturers in Melbourne isn’t enough to satisfy demand 

The sheer number of factories devoted to producing recreational vehicles in Melbourne overwhelmed us. If we’d known about Camplify, a booming recreational vehicle sharing platform based in Newcastle, it would have all made sense. As it happens, Camplify just made it onto the Australian share market, and has big plans for the future.

“This is a significant moment for our business, which has grown from an idea to a handful of people to become a leading RV  rental platform, with one of the largest RV fleets in Australia. Listing on the ASX and becoming a public company marks the beginning of Camplify’s journey, including Australian and international expansion, investing in the platform and the launch of new products to complement the company’s core business,” says Justin Hales, the company’s founder. 

In order to meet those goals, a whole lot more vehicles need to be produced. Currently, local companies are reliant on labour, rather than technology – which is highly efficient. We have something that could dramatically improve output – and ROI.

Leverage the benefits of purpose-built machinery

What happens when you begin producing a product that’s highly sought after, hard to get a hold of, and projected to grow? You bring value to people – something that we do every day.

We happen to have something that could disrupt the RV manufacturing industry in Australia and step things up dramatically. As our Business Development Manager Ryan Slater observed on his visit to Melbourne, there is a lot of room to improvement when it comes to the production of these sought-after vehicles.

“That’s because it’s all being done by hand, which means there’s an 18 month waiting list for people who want to buy a caravan,” he says.

There’s a lot involved in making vehicles of any kind, let alone models that can be lived in. Since the 80s, our partners CMS have been producing a machine that’s specifically geared towards this industry, and it’s set to significantly speed up the production process. The CMS Avant Caravan is responsible for creating everything from motorhome side walls, floors, panels, and roofs for RVs and camper vans. Thanks to the exclusive deal that we signed last year for CMS Advanced Materials 6 Plastics machinery, this specialised and highly customisable tool is now available to help you increase output and help cut waitlist time down to a minimum.

If you’re already in the industry and want a technological upgrade, share your requirements with us and we’ll find a fitting solution. Our consultations are free and 100% no obligation – so you have nothing to lose. Get in touch  now and give Aussies the means to escape out of the urban jungle, and into The Great Outdoors, where adventures await.