Booster pumps with inverter technology

The ITALMECC Waterboost booster pump group is a smart delivery pump group that represents the State-of-the-art technology for delivering water in a smart and controlled mode.

Specifically, the ITALMECC Waterboost variable speed pump group, use pressure feedback to electronically control motor speed to maintain a reasonably constant discharge pressure.

To control or personalize the group performance, there is an intuitive interactive panel on each pump.

All our booster units work with inverter controls. Starting with the pump with flow capacity up to 250 lt/min, ending with the bigger group with flow capacity up to 1.200 lt/min. Thanks to the special parameterization of the inverters, realized in collaboration with Schneider engineers, booster groups are able to:

  • To guarantee stable pressure in all the conditions
  • To eliminate the frequent Start & Stop that cause damages to the pumps
  • To avoid the damaging of the seals thanks to the automatic stop in case of water absence

What is the booster pump function.

  • Deliver recycled water from storage tank/pit to the machinery
  • Keep the water pressure constant
  • Booster pumps switch on when pressure drops below the low pressure set-point and varies the speed which is controlled to maintain a constant output pressure.


  • No maintenance required
  • The inverter constantly modulates the flow and pressure of water required
  • The BluStop blocks the pumps in the absence of water, avoiding their burning
  • Is not attacked by bacterial overgrowth, electroconductivity from well water, acids
  • The control dynamics have been developed from ITALMECC for a constant optimization
  • You can tailor made its performances in relation to your workshop conditions
  • Variable Speed to get a stable performance in terms of LTM/GPM

Technical Data