Profile Wheels Line 10

The ideal solution to obtain best results on internal 5 mm radius on your CNC machine. Thanks to the patented Long-Life technology a perfect shine is guaranteed on marble, granite and quartz. Water feed holes for a perfect lubrication.

Most Popular Products:

EDGE PROFILECODEDESCRIPTIONMaterial (others on request)
Z30 (up to 30mm flat edge)SC21152Pos 1 ZenithGR, ENG
SC22255Pos 2 ZenithGR, CER, ENG
SC22355Pos 3 Bi PowerGR, CER, ENG, MAR
SC22455Pos 4 Long LifeGR, CER, ENG, MAR
SC22555Pos 5 Long LifeGR, CER, ENG, MAR
SC22655Pos 6 Long LifeGR, CER, ENG, MAR