In Demand: Advanced Materials CNC machines – for sale in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia-wide

2018 was a sad year for local car manufacturing. Production seemed to be grinding to a halt, taking many jobs with it. Some businesses closed their doors for good. Others pivoted, changing their game plan to enter new, emerging industries.

As a result, the local Advanced Materials and Plastics sector is growing rapidly. Demand for specialty equipment follows the trend. As exclusive distributors of CMS, leader in CNC manufacturing for composites and other industries, we’re honoured to be fuelling growth locally. For context, CMS’ Advanced Materials and Plastics range is used by the likes of SpaceX, Hyundai, Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Now, Australian firms have joined their ranks, leveraging powerful technology to bring new products to life.

Meet the largest CNC machining centre installed in Australia

Large-format CNC milling machines and routers are a category of their own. This November, Geelong-based boat-builders Edencraft held an unveiling event to showcase their brand new CMS Poseidon.

This massive 15.5m x 5m x 3m CNC Machining Centre is the largest of its kind in the country. With the Poseidon in their facilities, Edencraft is able to create boats and other vessels with greater speed, accuracy, and ease. The size of the Poseidon enables the firm’s engineers to create seamless vessels, improving upon their already excellent performance.

Take a moment to pause and admire its scale and size – there’s nothing quite like it in Australia.

Milling meets 3D printing

Innovations are constantly emerging from the machinery world. The Kreator is one of the most exciting to come out – and it’s en route to Australia.

This hybrid large-format CNC machine solution features 3D printing + milling, allowing you to do more with less. Think printing a fuselage lamination mould, then milling it to create a perfect finish. The process saves time and materials, both of which are precious in the Advanced Materials and Plastics space.

The Kreator is the result of CMS’ continuous investments in R&D. With the sophisticated technological solutions adopted, rigidity, precision, and exceptional movement dynamics are built in,  making it perfect for the marine, aerospace, automotive, and other high-precision industries.

Watch this space for updates on how Australia’s very own Kreator is put to use!

Push your productivity to the next level

As you can see, big things are happening in the Advanced Materials and Plastics space. Are you positioned to ride the wave?

If not, it’s worth setting yourself up now – this trend is only going to go up.

As we mentioned, the CMS Advanced Materials range is responsible for creating some of the most high-tech aircraft and vehicles in the world. Imagine what having an asset like the Poseidon or Kreator in your facilities would mean for the production line…

Better yet, find out first-hand. As distributors of some of the most high-end European CNC machines for sale, we’re well practised in number-crunching and facility analysis – and we love what we do. Go ahead, try us. 

You’ve got nothing to lose – and a lot to gain.