Finger Bits

A wide range of finger bits is available for the cutting phase. From sintered with segments for granite and engineered stones to the electroplated for marble and stone. All finger bits are made following the modern and innovative sintered and electroplated process. Thanks to their excellent cutting power and their long lifespan, they allow the best price/quality ratio.

Most Popular Products:

SC01057Orange Router Only For Engineered Stone23mm35mm
SC01006Gold (Universal) Router For Hard granite23mm35mm
SC01007Gold (Universal) Router For Hard granite23mm49mm
SC01334Bue Router for Dekton/Ceramics20mm40mm
SCS01006Red Router (HIGH SPEED) for Eng. Stone and Granite23mm35mm
SCS01007Red Router (HIGH SPEED) for Eng. Stone and Granite23mm50mm
SC01011Electroplated Router For Marble16mm40mm
SC01039Segmented Fingerbit for Precise Incremental Cutting28mm48mm