CMS Connect – IoT

The IoT platform perfectly integrated with the latest-generation CMS machines

CMS Connect is able to offer customized micro services through the use of IoT  apps that support the daily activities of industry operators – improving the availability and use of machines or systems.

CMS Connect in 4 steps:

  1. Connect the CMS Machines to the internet.
  2. Monitor, Examine and Analyse. Data are monitored examined and subsequently aggregated and analyzed to become significant business-related content.
  3. Collect all cloud-based machine data.
  4. Decide and Act. Real-time data are conducive to decision-making, and to planning any corrective actions and improving production-related issues.

CMS Connect is accessible from PCS or Smart Devices and includes three different, mutually integrated applications.

Section designed for the continuous monitoring of machine operation, with information on:

  • Status: machine status overviews both live and on a historical basis. The representations provided allow machine availability to be checked – to identify possible bottlenecks in the production flow;
  • Monitoringinstantaneous, live display of the operation of the machine and its components (spindle, vacuum pump, etc.), of currently running programs and potentiometers;
  • Production: list of machine programs run within a given timeframe with best time and average running time;
  • Alarms: active and historical warnings.

This section provides a first approach to predictive maintenance by sending notifications when machine components indicate a potentially critical state associated with reaching a certain threshold. In this way, it is possible to take action and schedule maintenance services, without any down-time. By constantly monitoring the use of components, Smart Maintenance offers a genuine “condition-based” maintenance service, which allows action to be taken based on the efficiency of the components. Smart Maintenance also makes CMS’s support to customers more specifically targeted and faster through a constant flow of data from the machine to the Service suppliers.

Section designed for KPI (key performance indicator) presentation for all the machines connected to the platform. The indicators provided assess:

  • The availability and productivity of the machine;
  • The efficiency of the machine;

CMS Connect uses the standard OPC-UA communication protocol. CMS connect’s Cloud and DataLake levels meet all state-of-the-art cyber-security requirements. Customer data are encrypted and authenticated to ensure total protection of sensitive information.


Optimization of production performance and + 25% efficiency CMS connect offers suitable tools for observing and reckoning actual production data in order to identify any production defects and plan corrective actions. It is possible to keep track of any triggered alarms and analyze their causes, be alerted in case of repeated problems that may be observed by different operators, and obtain real-time production data – even remotely. CMS connect allows more effective machine use-related cost control to be achieved, the actual production costs for a given workpiece to be calculated, and the machine stops to be tracked.

Diagnostics to support components warranty optimization CMS machines with cms connect cloud platform options will be able to generate notification alerts when the use thresholds set by the manufacturer are reached and parts need to be replaced. CMS connect is able to monitor the state and main parameters of the main operating groups (spindle, vacuum pump, lubricator, etc.) – helping identify the potential causes of finished product quality degradation, thus reducing the warranty costs due to component misuse.

Productivity increase and downtime reduction by 25% and improvement of quality control. Production never stops with CMS connect. CMS connect checks the machine status in real time, providing useful information for the decision-making process and for production planning. CMS connect is able to monitor in real time the machine parameters that contribute to determining processing quality – such as the conditions of use and the state of the various machine operating units.

Maintenance costs down by as much as 50%
CMS connect allows for greater diagnostics accuracy with subsequent shorter troubleshooting time by the technical support staff. The platform also makes it possible to check that the machine works in optimal conditions, extending the life of components. Automatic and periodic maintenance notifications also allow for timely planning and better maintenance work organization – including service scheduling in advance and routine maintenance planning.