3-4-axis horizontal machining center

3 or 4-axis (optional) Numerically Controlled machining center to machine both thin and thick flat glass as well as laminated glass and bullet-proof glass. This machine can perform all types of grinding, polishing, drilling, milling, sawing with diamond blade, V-Grooving, engraving, and 5° bevelling.

  • gantry system on the Y-Axis provides the bridge motion via two brushless servo motors synchronized by the Numeric Control, in order to ensure extreme accuracy by reducing positioning errors caused by mechanical elasticity
  • large duraluminum work surface. The 780 mm ( 31 in ) worktable height makes it easier to load and unload
  • monoblock, ribbed, electrically welded, and stress relieved ultra-thick steel base guarantees sturdiness and rigidity for difficult machining work and the longevity of the machine
  • pre-setting is integrated into the tool magazine as to not infringe on the working area of the table
  • dynamic compensation of the polishing wheels for excellent machining quality


18mm, duraluminum worktable for greater stability and durability. The table can be re-surfaced over 10X times.

The extensive modularity of the magazines means the machine can be adapted for any requirement. The magazines can be installed at the back, on the sides, or even under the bridge for a 9.5 second tool change.

The worktable’s height of 780 mm (31 in) and reduced distance of the table from the operator, places CMS Gea at the top of its class for loading ergonomics.

Technical Data