CMS Speed

3-4 interpolated axes machining center

3-4 axes (on request) Numerically Controlled machining center for the processing of thin and thick flat glass sheets for both laminated and bullet-proof glass. It carries out any type of grinding, polishing, drilling, milling, cutting with disk, engraving, writing and 5° beveling operations.

  • Y-axis gantry system provides the crossbeam motion via two brushless motors synchronized by the NC, in order to ensure maximum accuracy and reduction in positioning errors that are due to mechanical elasticity
  • large-sized duralluminum work surface. The above ground height of 500 mm facilitates access to the machine and makes the glass sheet loading/unloading operations easier
  • ultra-thick and normalized electrowelded ribbed steel monolithic base ensures sturdiness and rigidity for heavy-duty operations and durability
  • the machine is adaptable to any need due, thanks to the high configurability of the tool rack
  • dynamic compensation of the polishing wheel for better machining quality
  • working water collection tank integrated with the base which reduces the machine’s footprint


Thanks to the automatic doors the machine can be loaded and downloaded automatic from an automatic  charger, while ensuring the total occupational safety for the operator.

Duralumin worktop 18 mm thick, for greater stability and durability. The table allows being adjusted more than 10 times.

In the Twin version, thanks to the independent double head, productivity increases by up to 51%. Speed Twin, the only machine with two heads and 4 axes on the market, allows simultaneous drilling on identical pieces.

The wide modularity of the tools rack allows  to adapt the table to each need. The warehouses can be installed rear, side or also under the beam for a tool change in less than 10 seconds.

Technical Data