The flocculant dosing station for stone industry

The dosing station is a key component to complete a perfect treatment of waste water. It performs the function of speeding up and improving the clarification quality of waste waters. The flocculant formula loaded into the station is chosen according to the composition of waste water to be treated by carrying out a laboratory jar-test at ITALMECC headquarters.

ITALMECC offer semi-automatic systems (where the operator has to fill up and dose the flocculant granules manually) and a fully automatic (FA) system where an automatic hopper and access to town water perform this task automatically.


  • Perfect clarification of waste waters maintaining a more stable level
  • Increases the sedimentation speed of the sludge (up to 2x performance than without flocculant)
  • Allows to reduce the size of the decanter
  • Reduces the permanence of solids in the decanter and makes them more viscous avoiding possible obstructions
  • Allows the precipitation of some metals;
  • Allows a partial reduction of the Ph;
  • Allows dephosphating (removal of phosphorus);
  • Facilitates the removal of lost oils and fats from machinery
  •  Does not damage machinery and / or pipes (if used pure, in granules, not cut with salt or ready liquid solution)
  •  Visual and acoustic alarm in the absence of flocculant
  •  Automatic flocculant loading (FA version)
  •  Automatic preparation and maturation stage (FA version)
  •  Visual specula for granulated drop monitoring (FA version)
  •  Automatic unit built in stainless steel

Technical Data