ITALMECC Silo C Series

Standard Water Clarifier

The stainless steel silo “C series”, with its multiple dimensions, is the most required clarifier in the market. Its optimal construction characteristics combined with the positioning versatility, make this product suitable for almost the totality of laboratories; ensuring flow rate included from 100 to 4,000 lt/min. It’s completely realized in AISI 304 and it represents the flagship of water clarifiers.

Silo with filtering bag


  • Versatility: you only need to connect 3 water hoses, 1 air hose, 1 power supply cable to get the plant all set and running;
  • Suitable for almost the totality of laboratories
  • Fully made in thick Stainless Steel
  • Upgrade program available to increase performance i.e. when new machines are added;
  • Industry 4.0 ready: increase the production quality of the system and it can be controlled remotely (Optional).
  • Acceleration of the sedimentation especially when working with engineered stone with a drastic reduction of engineered stone foam in the dirty water collection pit.
  • System performance to serve from 130 to 800 l/min
  • Turnkey projects with best delivery times.
  • Space saving Footprint.

Technical Data