Innovync has a proven track record of improving the operations and profitability of glass, stone, and advanced materials manufacturing businesses around Australia.

Here are the stories of just some of our satisfied clients, whose businesses have been transformed as a result of our leading CNC machinery.


Client Story: Utick
“It’s not good business for us to say ‘No’ to clients when they need work done. These machines give us the assurance that it will get done,”

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Client Story: Gerry’s Glass
“If we kept going the same medieval way, we would’ve gone out of business. We’ve been around 41 years, but to survive you have to stay ahead of the pack and this machine has seen us do that,”

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Client Story: Feature Stone
“The operator had to measure and cut everything as he went. Nowadays, it’s all pre-programmed from upstairs. The process is a lot quicker . . . and more accurate,”

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Client Story: About Kitchens
“When you call Unimac for after-sales service, you speak to someone senior within an hour and they make the effort – not excuses – to ensure your needs are met,”

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Client Story: Nover & Co
“The sales process was painless. Steve (Hoareau) is very experienced and knows his stuff. The price was right and the machine he recommended was perfect for our business,”

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Client Story: Avida RV
“We’ve doubled our output – that’s why we decided to buy a second machine within the first six months. You can’t get a much better endorsement than that,”

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