Peripheral Wheels

Vincent (formerly known as TYROLIT) are one of the market leaders when it comes to diamond tools in the Glass Industry. Metal bond tools, with segmented and continuous rim for different applications and work sequences in horizontal and vertical CNC machines. The wheels are available in various diameters from 25 to 200mm for both flat and laminated glass in all thicknesses.

Choosing Vincent tooling gives you the following benefits:

  1. High stock removal rate: Thanks to the developed combination of grits and bonds, these tools are able to work in every working condition and always grant a high stock removal rate.
  2. High speed: The tools are able to reach speed rate over standard on all glass thicknesses.
  3. Long lifetime: Thanks to the technical features of the products, the tools achieve a great benefit in terms of duration.

Wheels for Laminated Glass

 The ultimate solution for laminated glass grinding. Reverse wheels have been designed to improve the productivity of machinery for processing of laminated glass for architectural and structural facades.

Choosing Vincent tooling gives you the following benefits:

  1. Improvement of tool life up to 30%: By using REVERSE tools, the removal of the plastic shards after grinding is easy and effective. This reduces friction while grinding and prevents deformation and wear of diamond wheels
  2. Increased working speed: The new REVERSE wheels allow a 20% faster working speeds compared to standard ones.
  3. Enhanced edge finishing quality: Through a regular and effective removal of plastic shards, the diamond band is always free of process waste and can work without overheating. This ensures enhanced finishing quality of the edge
  4. Fragmentation of plastic waste: REVERSE tools ensure a fragmentation of plastic waste into small shards that can easily drain away from the grinding area. This avoids machine stops and re-setting during process. Moreover, it solves the problem of scheduled cleaning cycles to remove plastic waste.

Popular Products

Wheel Diameter (mm)Glass Thickness (mm)Code for SegmentedCode for Fine GritCode for Flat Polish Wheel